Today is 5/27/20


Currently the Vancouver Farmers Market is closed to artisan vendors.  We will keep you posted if there are any changes.  We are eager to get to market this season but there are currently no plans to reopen the markets for artisans at this time.  We are hopeful that later this summer or fall we will be able to squeeze in a few markets before the weather changes.


Recycle Festival is cancelled.


Lavender Daze Festival is cancelled.


Apple Valley has not reopened but may be trying a curbside pick up.  We will keep you posted if we are able to set up a booth in their parking lot.





Sawyer's ACE Hardware in The Dalles, OR.  They are currently carrying a few of the Hazel, Della, and Gertie style aprons as well as an assortment of Gal Friday's and Chica style purses.  The staff is very helpful and can direct you on where to find Rag-a-Muffin.


Moon River Home Living in Stevenson, WA.  Angela is open on Saturday-Sunday through May but is hoping to be able to expand her hours to full time starting the second week of June.  She carries a full array of apron designs as well as Gal Friday's and Chica style purses.


Thank you for your support.  This has been a very difficult season for artisans and we are hoping that we, as well as many of our friends, will be able to weather it and see you again!


Love, Anne and Marcia